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Are you tired of getting by with just memorizing a few rhythms?

Is your knowledge stuck at the level of just recognizing patterns and memorizing protocols?

Why does the protocol say do THAT for THIS? Does the protocol even make sense for this patient?

How would you like to actually KNOW what's going on with your patient instead of misdiagnosing them or simply passing them to the next person?

Is the "Normal Sinus Rhythm" actually "normal," or is there a problem you should be addressing?

YOU can only help patients up to YOUR level of knowledge. The key to saving more lives is knowing and UNDERSTANDING more, NOT just memorizing EKG shapes.

EKG MASTERY CHALLENGE teaches you how to MASTER the Basics down to the cell.

Renown Instructor, Joshua Crawford, is the guy you want if you want to soar in medicine. With two decades of healthcare experience, and about as long teaching, Joshua will break down the EKG in a way you've never seen before. You will suddenly "see" things you never knew existed in the EKG. You will make connections throughout the entire body.

You thought the EKG only told you information about the heart?

​For instance, can you "see" hypertension in the EKG? What about aortic stenosis? Ventricular hypertrophy? Axis deviation? Electrolyte disorders? Medication effects? Did your "other" instructor teach you all this? 

I get've been taught to recognize a STEMI, but do you actually understand a STEMI vs Non-STEMI. No, not just what the EKG shows, but what is going on in the body?

​If not, don't worry. Let Joshua teach you the system to follow with ALL EKGS from now on. You will notice more conditions than you ever did before.

​Your knowledge will be at a very different level by the end of the EKG MASTERY CHALLENGE.

22-26 July 2024

Challenge Kicks off in:



In Just 5 Short Days Learn How To......

Day 1: Check Your Heart

On Day 1 we dive deep into the structure of the heart and review the anatomy and physiology. We review cardiac conduction, coronary blood flow and so much more to lay the foundation for the rest of the week.

Day 2: Understanding EKGs – The Foundation

On day 2, we really go deep into the EKG basics.
We cover things like:

o Electrolyte physiology - this is a GAME CHANGER! and an eye-opening session.

o Understanding the EKG paper

o Lead placement (you will know what each lead sees)

o Waves, intervals, segments, and more

You will start to see the heart in an whole new way

Day 3: Show Me the Rhythms

Today we really get into understanding various rhythms. We’ll start in the atria and systematically go to the ventricles and discuss various rhythms. You will truly understand what’s going on down to the cellular level. Wait until Joshua explains all the protocols. Expect to have many "aha" moments.

Day 4: Let’s Kick It Up a Notch…or three

Today we’ll learn all about AV blocks, axis deviation, hypertrophy vs dilation, and acute coronary syndrome. Watch how your knowledge goes to the next level. You will really start to Level Up.

***Joshua will teach a surprise lesson today on the most important concept in medicine. Find out what he paid his mentor over $6,000 to learn. This alone is worth more than your ticket admission. Do NOT miss this!!!

Day 5: Time to Bring It Home

On our final day together, we complete the story by addressing electrolyte abnormalities, medication effects, and how other conditions affect the EKG. You will know way more than most people about EKGs.

How you can secure your seat

Monday – Friday

  • Eastern: 10am – 12pm
  • Central: 9am – 11 am
  • Mountain: 8am – 10 am
  • Pacific: 7am – 9am

Quick Testimonials

Meet Your Instructor

Founder Of Level Up Medic

Joshua Crawford, a former flight paramedic, has managed over 12,000 patients and interpreted over 10,000 EKGs. Beginning his healthcare journey at Booker T. Washington Magnet High's Medical Magnet, he was inspired during his time shadowing in the Emergency Department and with paramedics. After becoming an EMT-I, Joshua pursued paramedic school, excelling as the top student, despite early challenges with EKGs and pharmacology. His determination led him to extensively study and master these subjects.

His passion for teaching and hands-on care saw him rise to become a Level 3 paramedic educator and later as a Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C). Here, he attended to the most critical patients in a helicopter while continuing to teach peers and patients alike. Joshua's thirst for knowledge propelled him to medical school where he led EKG workshops and taught many other medical topics like airway/ventilator management, IV skills, bleeding control/shock management, and more. He firmly believes, "When I teach one, I save many. When I teach thousands, I impact millions."


Over five intensive days, you'll dive into cardiac anatomy, physiology, conduction, and more. You'll learn a systematic approach to EKG analysis, from primary rhythms to complex conditions. This isn't just about memorization – it's about UNDERSTANDING the heart's rhythms, connecting the dots, and making life-saving decisions. Your new knowledge will help you understand more about everything because you'll see how everything is related.

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Calling all healthcare students, nurses, EKG techs, paramedics, NPs, PAs, and doctors who are serious about becoming better. If you want to understand more about medicine while learning EKGs in a fun way, this challenge is for you.

Take Your Medical Knowledge To New Heights

Investing in Yourself Means Investing in Your Future and Saving More Lives!

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